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Head and Dean of School: Prof Andrew Kindness
Room No:              03-021, H - Block, Westville Campus
Telephone:            (031) 260 3090

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  Safety and First Aid 

Please read this even if you have used the Chemistry Intranet before.       

How to use the Chemistry Intranet

The Intranet is a resource designed to give yougreater access to learning materials.

The first thing to know is that normal text isin black, and that text which is linked to other pages is in red or blue.

Each chemistry course has its own area and eachmodule has links to past examination papers, notes, and contact details for the lecturer in charge of the module.



The password to access the Intranet should be considered as being confidential. Please do not disclose it to unauthorized persons.

When you click on a red e-mail address - such as DrSomeone@ukzn.ac.za  

an e-mail window will appear. Depending on which computer you are e-mailing from, the e-mail you send may not have your e-mail address on it - so you must include your name and contact details or the lecturer concerned won't know who sent the mail.

Lecture notes  are downloadable .pdf files which download and can be opened by Adobe Reader in the normal manner. You can then either print the file or save it to a disc. Click here: Adobe Reader  if you have not got it setup on your computer, when downloading is complete run it / set it up on your computer before you open any downloadable document.

The choice as to whether or not  to put notes up lies with the lecturer concerned. Some choose not to. If you wish to have material posted then you may like to make this request to the lecturer concerned, please be aware that the decision rests with them.

The Chemistry Intranet Manager is Dr Vincent Nyamori   If you have any comments, ideas, requests or notice pages or links which doesn't work, then please contact him by e-mail.



Disclaimer:  While every effort is made to update these web pages on a regular basis, they may contain outdated information and material.  Please refer to the  Science Faculty Handbook and the course outlines handed to you for the rules and regulations pertaining to the course.

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