Your module coordinator is:    Dr. Bernard Omondi Owaga

Room 03-036 H-Block 

Westville Campus 

email: owaga@ukzn.ac.za

Tel: +27(0)31 260 7323/3090

ADVANCED CHEMISTRY (92L-0T-0P-0S-280H-92R-0F-0G-16A-13W-48C)


Aim: To introduce students to advanced study in analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. 

Content: Analytical: Sampling and sample preparation methods. Separation science. Spectrometry and other detection techniques. Chromatography. Inorganic: Inorganic and organotransition chemistry. Catalysis. Supra-molecular chemistry. Bioinorganic chemistry. Ligand design. Materials chemistry. Green Chemistry. Nanochemistry and -technology. Characterization techniques. Applications. Organic: Reactions and mechanisms of redox reactions. Organic synthetic chemistry. Chirality and stereochemistry. Analytical methods. Enantiomeric purity, asymmetric synthesis. Retrosynthesis. Physical: Symmetry elements and symmetry operations, Point groups. Schoenflies notation, character tables. Vibrational spectroscopy, atomic and molecular orbitals. Basic concepts in photochemistry, principles in absorption and emission of radiation. Activated complex theory. Applications.


Assessment: Tests, assignments and/or presentations (20%); 3 h exam (80%) for each of the four sections. A 40% subminimum for each section is required.


DP Requirement: Class mark 50%. Class attendance 80%.


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