Welcome to CHEM781W Chemistry Electives 

Your Module Coordinator is
Dr. Vincent Nyamori
Room No: 03-044, Block H, Westville Campus
Telephone: (031) 2608256
E-mail: nyamori@ukzn.ac.za





CHEM 781 W2                                                                    (60L-0T-0P-0S-202H-52R-0F-0G-6A-13W-32C)

Aim: To enable students to specialize in various areas of chemistry.

Content: Students select from a range of topics. Examples of topicsoffered are; waste disposal, environmental analysis, bioinorganic chemistry,catalysis, supramolecular chemistry, medicinal chemistry, solid phase peptidesynthesis, synthesis and biosynthesis of natural products, molecularspectroscopy, statistical thermodynamics, photochemistry of nucleic acid basesand solution chemistry.

Assessment: Assignments (20 %) , 2 x 3 h exams(80%)

DP Requirement: Class mark 40 %.

Offered in Semester 2. 

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