Inorganic Chemistry Section 

Dr Glen Maguire
Room No:    3-67, Block H, Westville Campus
Telephone:  (031) 2608256

Lecturer:    Prof Holger Friedrich
Room No:    3-51, Block H, Westville Campus
Telephone:  (031) 2603107



Lecturer:    Dr Muhammad Bala
Room No:    3-64, Block H, Westville Campus
Telephone:  (031) 2602616




Inorganic Chemistry

CHEM711W1                                                   (23L-0T-45P-0S-66H-23R-0F-0G-3A-13W-16C)

Aim : To introduce students toadvanced study in Inorganic and Bioinorganic chemistry.

Content : Inorganic andOrganotransition Metal chemistry: Transition metal carbonyl, alkyl carbine and carbinecompounds. Characterization techniques. Appilications. Bioinorganic Chemsitry:Electron transfer theory in action, applications to supramolecular devices. Therole of transition metals in enzymes. Materials chemistry: Close packing, X-raydiffraction: Ionic structures; defect solid state; electrical properties.

Practicals : Mini Projects based onthe above topics.

Assessment : Practical reports(20%), 3 h exam(80%)

DP Requirement : Class mark  50%; 80% attendance at practicals.

Offered in Semester 1 


CHEM711 Inorganic Practical



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