Resources for Students Taking a Degree in Chemistry

This site is aimed at those students taking a degree in Chemistry and who want additional resources, information and graphics regarding Chemistry to better their understanding of concepts and ideas in Chemistry.

This site is basically a pointer and indicator to other sites on the internet, which students can tap into and use as a starting point, while studying.  These are resources that are made available on the web to strengthen students understanding of chemistry.  They are from various sources, including other Universities.

I have placed each website and application into one of three basic areas, which are organized in the following way:

Area 1:  Movies, Animation and Virtual Laboratories

Area 2: PowerPoint Presentations, Lecture Notes, Tutorials

Area 3: Links to Chemistry Sites

A Brief description and advantages of each of the sites will be summarized, so that you the student can choose a site most appropriate for the area of chemistry which you would like to engage in.

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