The Chemistry Tutoring Centre at Towson University 
This site contains a series of tutorials set up by Liina Ladon and is used in Towson University.  This site will be helpful if you need extra examples or are looking for another way of explaining a concept.  Ideal for first year students.

Organic Chemistry On-Line 
This site contains some nice notes on topics on Organic Chemistry.

Virtual Textbook of Organic Chemistry 
This site contains information about various topics in Organic Useful. Useful if you are looking for additional reading.

Organic Chemistry Education Page 
This page contains some very nice questions and answers on Organic Chemistry topics.

There is a nice kinetics worksheet at this site:

Organic Chemistry On-Line 
There are some useful organic chemistry tutorials here.

Organic Chemistry Proactive Problems at Michigan State University 
There are some nice Organic Chemistry questions and answers here.

There are some notes on chirality here.

Curly arrows 
The use of curly arrows is nicely demonstrated here.  There are explanations and examples and notes available here. 

Power Point Presentations:

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